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If you're anything like me, when it comes to paying someone for betting advice, you couldn't care less about testimonials - you just want to see proof that they have a winning record.  

Although the oracle hasn't had a losing year in the 15+ years that he's been betting football, we've only sold picks for two seasons, so we used a monitoring service for those two years to track our picks.  We finished in 3rd and 8th place those years (out of 100+ handicappers).  2021 will be our third year offering our picks for sale.

To see our track record, head over to, or checkout the screenshots below.

You'll notice that there may be names above ours for specific years, but nobody is nearly as consistent as us year after year.  For example, both of the handicappers that ranked higher than us in 2016 had losing years the next year.  

Note: We only pick regular season and playoffs, we do NOT pick preseason.  

2016 Season.JPG
2017 Season.JPG
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